Donate to LSF-UK

Here are some ways you can help us

If is important for us to point out that if you donate things that we cant use on missions, they might be sold for our funds.


Strings, fittings etc

You can help us by recycling strings from your orchestra or workshop. We collect, check, sort and repackage them for our missions.
We can also use:-
Used cello and bass bridges
Cello endpins
Rosin etc.

And, of course, new things are always welcome.
We desperately need bowhair.



We need everyday workshop tools llike knives, small planes, squares, dividers, files, clamps etc
We also need the specialist tools like reamers, crack clamps, soundpost setters, closing cramps (the picture shows some of our kit for Malawi 2020, about £900-worth).



Instruments and bows

Taking instruments on missions is not our priority as we dont usually have the luggage space, but, we sometimes do it. We often take bows.
On the other hand, people donate instruments to us which we can then sell to raise funds. The picture shows a partly-restored bass donated by Will MacKay. It will be finished and sold. The proceeds will finance a complete mission, and more. -Thanks Will!



A typical mission costs about £3000. We are incredibly frugal and source our airfares, materials and other equipment as cheaply as we can. 
If you donate to us you can be sure that your money will be put to good use in a responsible way.

You can donate via PayPal or you can contact our treasurer at

You can also support us through Amazon Smile which will donate 0.5% of your spend to LSF-UK. You just have to click on the link and search for Luthiers sans Frontiers uk as your chosen charity.


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