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LSF-UK         Registered UK charity no: 1168809

Luthiers sans Frontieres  -UK

Violinmakers without Borders -UK                   

We are always in need of the following things:-


By far, the biggest expense for any mission is airfares. LsF UK is run on a ‘shoestring’ but even so, the fares are always eye-wateringly expensive. Money has been raised in the past by:-


New equipment is always appreciated but we can also recycle a lot used things such as:-


We are all busy people and not naturally good at publicity. Can you help us network and publicise our work more effectively?

Are you inspired to donate,  collect, or organise something?

Please get in touch with your ideas. Info@Lsf-uk.org or o1636 700 295/078 378 450 44

Can you Help