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Our completed projects

Haiti 2008

A three-week mission  and our first. Three volunteers,  lutherie students Daoudi Hassoun and Pierre Picard plus Teacher, Robert Cain set up a pop-up workshop at a school/hospital complex in Leogane, south-west of Port au Prince. The complex was being used as the venue for the summer camp of the Holy Trinity Music School of Port au Prince.

Mission Report

Uganda 2009

Lsf volunteer John Milnes travelled to the Kampala Music School to help set  up a luthier workshop and train local people to maintain the instruments. Often the first mission has to be seen as laying the foundations for future involvement. A second mission is now being planned for 2014.

Mission Report

Haiti 2010

A follow-up mission was already planned before the devastating earthquake of January 2010. Even so, the local Music School in Port Au Prince was keen for us to continue with the mission. Volunteers Anna Huthmaker , from  Atlanta and Robert Cain taught the students in a new workshop in Petionville, on the outskirts of Port au Prince, and at Jacmel on the south coast. The mission was equipped with tools and materials donated by LsF Belgium

Mission Report

Ecuador 2010

Our second mission of 2010. Volunteers, Anna Huthmaker and Njaal Bendixen worked at the music School in Quito for two weeks.

More information to come.

Haiti 2012

Continuing our support for the many music schools in Haiti, LsF UK  provided a ‘pop up’ training  workshop at a summer music camp in Cange, central Haiti and at Jacmel on the south coast. Volunteers Catherine Robertson and Robert Cain spent a week in each place with luthiers from  all over the country.

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Afghanistan 2013

In 2013, LsF UK was invited by the Afghanistan National Institute of Music to set up a Lutherie worksop. These skills had never been taught in Afghanistan. Volunteer, Robert Cain stayed there for two weeks teaching four local people to maintain the instruments.

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Uganda 2014

Our latest successful mission just completed and our second mission to Kampala.

 LsF UK volunteers, Keith Graves and Jim Hawkins spent two weeks in April at the Kampala Music School.

Kampala Music School  website:- http://kampalamusicschool.com

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Projects in development

Malawi 2020

We are currently preparing for a new project in Malawi. Our first teaching mission will take place in February 2020.

Haiti 2015

Thanks to a generous grant from the Switzerland- based ‘Fresh Leaf  Charitable Foundation’ we are undertook our fourth mission to Haiti in July 2015.

Two Luthiers plus a student spent three weeks teaching at two centres, Cap Haitian in the North and Cange in central Haiti.

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Haiti 2016

Two volunteers will travel to Grand Goave, Haiti to reunite with last year’s students and continue the very successful training workshop which took place in 2015.

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The Philippines 2018

In April 2018 we visited Bataan, Philippines to help set up a new violin workshop and  provide training for local luthiers in a new and rapidly-expanding music project.

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Antigua and Barbuda 2018

In July 2018, Trustee, Keith Graves and new volunteer Rita Walker visited the island of Antigua to initiate training in support of the local schools and growing youth orchestra.

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Afghanistan 2015

Following the successful visit in 2013, a return visit to the Afghanistan  took place in May 2015.

Haiti 2017

We completed another mission to Haiti to support the ever expanding music schools in July 2017.


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Haiti 2018

Our latest mission to continue the work in Haiti took place in July-September 2018

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Antigua and Barbuda 2019

Keith Graves and Rita Walker compete their second visit to Antigua and Barbuda.

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Haiti 2019

Julie and Garri complete another successful

mission with the ever expanding music school

network in Haiti.

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