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LSF-UK         Registered UK charity no: 1168809

Luthiers sans Frontieres  -UK

Violinmakers without Borders -UK                   

London Violin Makers raise money for Luthiers Sans Frontières UK

In summer 2008 teams from four leading London violin shops J. & A. Beare, Bridgewood & Neizert, J. P. Guivier, and Florian Leonhard made four violins in support of the work of Luthiers Sans Frontières UK

Money raised from sale of these instruments will go towards LSF’s projects in countries where there is little professional violin and bow repair or training for local people.

LSF UK has sent professional violin and bow repairers to

Haiti    2008, 2010, 2012. 2014, 2015, 2016

Uganda   2009 , 2014

Ecuador 2010

Afghanistan 2013, 2015

So that the good work in these places can continue LSF will need to raise money to send more volunteers.

On behalf of LSF, we would like to thank all those who took part in making the instruments. We would also like to thank Andreas Pahler for kindly donating a very fine spruce front and J. & A. Beare and Florian Leonhard for the wood donated for their violins.

The Teams:

J & A Beare

Mark Robinson,

Warren Bailey

Elaine Spicer

Gordon Kerr

Bridgewood & Neitzert

Arthur Fremont


Martin Lory


James Hawkins

Christopher Thorp

Eckhard Kropfreiter

Jonathan Larkman

Florian Leonhard

Philip Ihle

Tomoko Murai

Boris Haug

Rodolfo Angilletta


Mark Robinson: "J & A Beare have been involved in several projects

(e.g. Buskaid) to help violin and bow repairers in other countries. Making this violin for Luthiers Sans Frontieres has been a great way to support their work in Haiti".